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This NEW DIY VTox Detox Box is the perfect way to detox and heal thy self in your Own Sacred Sanctuary.


Pamper & Heal yourself and feel the cleansing benefits of a full  Mind body & Soul detox today.


The NEW DIY Detox box includes:

Pink Satin insulated Sauna Gown 


SweetSpot VTOX~detox wood hydrotherapy steam seat 

(professionally custom & naturally treated)


“Sweet V” Slips (hydrotherapy sauna footwear)


SweetSpot logo pampering towel


(1) SWEETSPOT herbal VPourri~VTOX Detox Steam sachet


(1)  8oz “Sweet V” Feminine herbal wash (use hands) no wash cloth needed


(2) herbal vaginal yoni pearls (suppositories)

(to be used 3-5days before menstrual and/or 5-7 days after VTOX detox herbal Steam bath 


(1) Certified Authentic Crystal Rose Quartz gemstone Yoni Egg 

(to be used only after podcast training class)


1 (4oz) “Sweet V” Yoni herbal oil with jojoba & coconut rose oil 

(use after VTOX~detox herbal Steam bath treatment /daily for 

natural moisture rejuvenation & lubricant 


1 pack of herbal/oil infused organic Pantiliners (compost & biodegradable)

1 pack of herbal/oil infused organic menstrual pads (compost & biodegradable)


(1) 8 pack of “Sweet Happy Feet” Foot detox treatment patches (use bi-weekly)


(2) vegan condoms (natural rubber) for healthy sacred sexual connection


(1) pH balance kit

(To be used 3 days after SweetSpot VTOX~Detox herbal Steam treatment) 


1 (8) pack of herbal Detox Bath soak/douche tea satchel treatments


Please note *All DIY.DETOX BOX CUSTOM TREATED VTOX STEAM KITS WILL BE SHIPPED 3-4 weeks after order is processed *