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Frequently Asked Questions



At SweetSpot We have our own Sweet words with our own definitions.=

Sweetsteamology! So just in case there's a sweet term that you just might not have a full understanding of . . . We got you covered!

“Sweetoxify”- To Clear Cleanse and Balance Your Mind Body and Soul

VTox- A Certified Vaginal Steam Hydrotherapy practice that detoxifies the entire body infusing herbal medicine into the tissues of the vaginal and anal areas in the body which helps to remove toxicity, impurities, bad bacteria, and inflammation  

“SweetSteam”-Our Signature certified herbal Sitzbath process that Sweetens the Soul

“Steam my what”? _ The wow factor that comes to mind of the thought of steaming your vagina (lol)

“King Steam“-A Masculine Steam Hydrotherapy practice that clears toxicity, bad bacteria, impurities,and inflammation from men organic herbal medicinals are breathed in to infused the anal tissues to detoxify the body


We Call It The SweetSpot VTox Steam Bath! 

Queens, Our SweetSpot Steam Bath practice is great for monthly and routine womb wellness of your most Sweetest Spot!

This is an Ancient Cultural healing modality and traditional practice for every age of Wombman in our community and it can also assist in the aid of healing for symptoms associated with the following dis-eases and imbalances that may interrupt your wellness energy. It is very beneficial in doing the vaginal detox session 3-5 days after each menstrual cycle. It can also be done outside of your cycle depending on your symptoms of womb health

Young Wombman can begin the traditional practice, once they start their puberty cycle. Younger age Wombman only need to do a Simple N Sweet session based on virginity, diet, and lifestyle 


  • Uterine fibroids

  • Imbalance pH

  • Painful menstruation/cramps

  • Uterine weakness (incontinence)

  • prolapse Uterus

  • Irregular menstrual cycles/PCOS

  • Ovarian cysts

  • Infertility

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Pelvic trauma/endometriosis

  • Reproductive scar tissue

  • Menopause symptoms

  • Vaginal dryness vaginal tear/episiotomy/heavy menstrual flow

"Sweetoxifying" WARNINGS!

It is NOT advised to steam during:

  • Menstrual flow

  • Any stage of Pregnancy

  • Please be advise that we do not offer this hydrotherapy practice during your menstrual cycle, when pregnant or even thinking that you may be pregnant. We also do not offer the service if you have a IUD inserted.

  • Uterine infection

  • Vaginal sores

  • Blisters

  • Open wounds (this could cause pain and swelling)

  • No services immediately before or after intimate waxing sessions 

  • Genital piercings (Please remove them; the steam will cause the piercing to possibly burn)

Cancelation Policy


All services require a 50% RSVP deposit at the time of booking. 

If a customer cancels their appointment by email 72hrs in advance for all individual & group services. All deposits with proper cancellation will be fully refunded within 48 hrs of the cancellation e-mailed ( request*. 

*First time Reschedule on case by case basis. 

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