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Become A Sweetspot
 DETOX Junkie!

Sweet Rollovers- Unused Monthly VTox SweetSteams treatments never expire!

Members Pay $80.00 per session  (vs non-member price $85)
Junkieship can be cancelled at anytime, for any reason, without any penalty whatsoever.
Junkieship VTox Sweet Steam packages are non-transferrable and can only be used by the paid member.

5% memership discount is applied to  all wellness essentials/products for Detox maintenence @checkout


Memberships & Subscriptions

  • Sweet-V-Scription

    Every month
    SweetSpot VTox💝Womb Wellness Monthly Subscription package
    • 1 Vaginal Steam Herbal satchel
    • 3 Herbal Sweet Yoni Detox Pearls
    • 1 Sweet Rose Yoni Oil 4oz
    • 30 ct Herbal pantiliners
    • 1 pack of Herbal Pads
    • 3 vegan condoms
    • 1 pH balance kit
    • 1 Herbal Red Clover Tea Bath body bar
    • 1 Feminity herbal tea tonic (8 varieties 1/per month)
    • 1 Pussy Herbal INnergy Drink
  • Sweet Junkieship

    Become a Sweetoxified Junkie and Get Your Wellness LIFE!
    • (3) 60 minute VTox SweetSteam Elite
    • 10 min Breathe Sweet Oxygen Bar
    • 5 min Infrared Selfie/Essential oil Tummie massage
    • A cup of Herbal Detox-i-tea
    • A herbal Sage Aura cleanse
    • A therapeutic facial mask treatment
    • 5% OFF Sweet Shoppe Products ( In-Studio Only)
    • 5% OFF HeelSpace Events
    • Get Sweetoxified Junkie T-Shirt w/ Sign-up
    • 1 Sensual Satin Insulated V-Tox Gown
    • 1 Pair of Sweet Feet Slippers
    • SweetSpot Membership Mailing List (Coming Soon)

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