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Aje' Wu-RA

Executive Visionary and

Senior Herbal Steamologist

Aje' Wu-RA is a Certified Inner Spirit, Health and Wellness LyfeStyle Soul Coach, Certified Wholistic Womb Sauna/Reiki II Practitioner, Certified Motivational and Inspirational Spirit Speaker, Womenpreneur Founder and Executive Visionary of The SweetSpot VTox Boutique Atlanta, HeelSpace Atlanta Community Gallery, The Blissful Pleasures Company and The Let's Make Up Mind Body and Soul LyfeStyle series. Aje’ is a community activist that is passionate about the Health and Wellbeing of her people exercising her Cultural Communul Love through Wholistic Healthy Healing and Wealthy Welllness!

Photo Apr 25, 10 08 10 PM.jpg

Dear Sweet SiStars, 

If  doesn't matter if you have been here

Once Twice Three Times to Honor  Your Divine INtimacy.. .

Your SweetSpot  ThAnkhs You Dearly... 

You have added your Sacred Innergy to this SweetSpot VTox Circle of Healing...

An Ancient Art of  Wellbeing...

Together We have created An Indigenous Wholisic Womb Wellness Movement!!  That will Evolve Each of Us and Our Future Generations To Follow!

Its Our Tyme To Shyne &Vibrate Higher!


Peace Luve & Lyght


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