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SWEEToxifying focus

We are proud to have assisted and touched the lives of so many of our SiStars in our community tapping into Owning their Divine Feminine Health Wellness & Powers! There are custom herbal blends of 

Fibroids Be Gone, Infertility No Way, PMS No Stress, Menopause No Cause, My Moon Cycle Is the Sweetest to Balance Soulfully….




They say the Eyes are the window to the Soul! That is the certain Truth...Your Eyes tell your Story...Clairvoyance Is the transparency of your Spirit...its the Spirit guide that Shows your 

INternal Light. To be able to See and Commune with your own Spirit is an Art of Wellness and Healing. How you See yourSelf, Love yourSelf, and Care For yourSelf can be Seen and Felt By your own Soul! Begin to journal and record what you SEE WithIN your own Spiritual Being to begin to recognize where you are, who you are, and Who you are Becoming!   

hear sweet

What do you hear, what are you listening to, who are you listening to? Do you know how to go within and hear your own heart? Your heart speaks to you loudly, but you have to be deeply connected to hear….not to just listen but to hear intuitively! Your Spirit speaks within your heart. Challenge yourself daily to write down your thoughts communicated in and thru your heart. This is your TRUTH The world Must Know your Heart’s Sweet Music?


speak sweet

What are you saying to yourself, about yourself, and when are you positively self reflecting? 

Self REALization and Self Reflection are key when you are practicing the Art of Wellness of Self Love and Self Care. We ALL have our own werk to do, no one Queen is perfect. Speak over your life the words of Forgiveness Truth and Love write down any negative self talk and journal the root of where the words have come within from? Travel back to your childhood, your mother daughter bond, your father daughter relations. We always want to speak lovingly and sweetly to ourselves about ourselves no matter what the world may think feel or say. KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!  

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